Golden Rule Peace Ship Project

We aim to advance Veterans For Peace opposition to nuclear weapons and war, and to do so in a dramatic fashion. We have recovered and restored the original peace ship, the Golden Rule, that set sail in 1958 to stop nuclear testing in the atmosphere, and which inspired the many peace makers and peace ships that followed. The reborn Golden Rule will voyage once more, to show that nuclear abolition is possible, and that bravery and tenacity can overcome militarism.

Sunk in Humboldt Bay, brought up from the depths, and after four years of hard but loving work . .

The Time Has Come

golden-rule-project You are cordially invited to an event celebrating the re-launch of the first peace ship, the Golden Rule.
The very same ship that an intrepid crew of peace makers sailed out into the Pacific in 1958 to halt atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in the Marshall Islands has been rescued from a watery grave and lovingly restored by Veterans For Peace.
The christening and launch will take place on June 20th, 2015 in Eureka, California.
Join us for the joyous occasion as the Golden Rule resumes her mission of peace.
WHAT: Presentations, Christening, and Launch
WHEN: Events commence on Saturday June 20th 2015, 2pm. Launch at 4pm.
WHERE: Zerlang and Zerlang Marine Services — 1493 Fay Avenue, Samoa, CA 95564


The Main Event

The Golden Rule Docks in Downtown Eureka Accompanied by Welcoming Flotilla – Festivities, Food, Drink
Step aboard, Admire the Ketch, Meet the Sailors
Special Guest speakers from Greenpeace, Physicians For Social Responsibility, Quaker Friends, Veterans For Peace, Families of the original crew
Hear direct oral histories from peace activists such as David McReynolds, The War Resisters League, Shigeko Sasamori, David Hartsough, Friends, and others.
WHEN: 5pm to 8pm
WHERE: Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center — 921 Waterfront Dr, Eureka, CA 95501
Please let us know if you are coming. It will help mightily with our logistics. Email
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Christening, presentations, and launch of the Golden Rule. June 20th.

Re-launch of the first peace ship, the Golden Rule.

Christening, presentations, and launch of the Golden Rule

You are cordially invited to an event commemorating the 
re-launch of the first peace ship, the Golden Rule.

The ship that sailed out into the Pacific in 1958 to halt atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in the Marshall Islands has been rescued from a watery grave and 
lovingly restored by Veterans For Peace.

The christening and launch will take place 
on June 20th, 2015 in Eureka, California.
We would love to have you there for the joyous occasion as the Golden Rule resumes her mission of peace.

WHAT: Christening, presentations, and launch

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Golden Rule Launch Celebration June 20th 2015

The shed is down!

Just recently the dismantling of the work shed over the Golden Rule was completed in preparation for the relaunch coming up on June 20th. 2015

The  Golden Rule will be launched on June 20th 2015

Join us on June 20th at the Humboldt Bay Aquatics Center.

Time:    Celebration/Informational/come aboard the Golden Rule, at 4 pm.

Drinks, Music.

Guest speakers. From around the world, nation, state and county.

This is a child friendly event during the  day for all in Humboldt County, so please mark it down on the door of your refrigerator and remember to plan ahead and join us for this late afternoon and evening launch party.

 Find map        

The Golden Rule will be just a few steps from the Aquatic Center on their dock.  Visit and step aboard the historic Golden Rule. A volunteer will be on the boat to show you around and answer any questions you or your children may have about the Golden Rule.

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April 2015 Progress update

To All::::::: March Progress Report.

The steady drum beat pounding out our work cadence has been stepped up a notch. We’re not at ramming speed yet but getting close. Only 60 plus days till The Rule is scheduled to splash.
Michael Gonzalez finished shaping and painting the main mast. We slid it out a small window in the corner of the work shop, all 36 and a half feet of it, it’s now out in the sun light awaiting hardware. Mike is now working onthe Mizzen which will hold all of the electronics; Radar, antenna, lights etc. Daisy Arquero, our rigger, has mastered the art of splicing wire rope and has assembled all of the blocks needed for the running rigging. 
Dennis Thompson welded together a support structure that will hold up the mizzen mast but not interfere with the propeller shaft or the engine exhaust system. Jason Kraft is almost finished with the starboard toe rail. The port toe rail is in the paint shop where Karissa Osborne has been sanding and painting 3 days a week. Breckin is completing the bunks, settee and galley structures. All the parts have been cut, sanded and primed and will soon be assembled in the main cabin. Helen Jaccord purchased all the materials needed for the bunks and seat cushions. She has shaped the 3 and 4 inch foam to fit the V berth and both bunks in the main cabin as well as the seat cushions for the bench seats. The material is a sturdy and beautiful aqua marine Naugahyde. Helen is going to embroider the name “Golden Rule” in gold color on the seat cushions. How cool is that. 
The gunnel and transom caps have been epoxied and permanently screwed into place. Gerry Condon and I have sanded and are currently applying the final coats of varnish. A Mahogany Gallows has been installed over the transom. It will support the Mizzen boom, stern light and life rings. 
Captain Nienhaus has wired into place outlets for 110 and USB ports with high and low power for computers, phones, so crew members can work on their lap tops and Skype with family and friends while aboard. 
I hate to say it but we are pretty much out of money again. Several of us are using our own savings to buy materials and pay the few people we need to hire occasionally. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. To close out today, we need a small crew of folks to begin tearing down the boat house. If you can operate a screw gun and climb a ladder, we can use you. The boat house needs to be disassembled and cleared away so we can move the Rule onto the launch car. Call, write or just come by the boat yard and we’ll get you organized.

Respectfully submitted by Chuck DeWitt, Restoration Coordinator “The Golden Rule Project”

Finn Town, Humboldt Bay CA.

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June 20th Launch! Important Items are still needed! Please Help!

The shed is down!

Just recently the dismantling of the work shed over the Golden Rule was completed in preparation for the relaunch coming up on June 20th. 2015

 No donation amount is too small when given by many-hands.

Please visit our Wish List Page for specific items we need at


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March Progress report

To all:::::

          We’ve got an official dead line,  June 20th. 2015, the Rule is scheduled to slide into Humboldt Bay.  At 1600 hours the tide will be right and baring unforeseen problems we will splash after almost four years of hard work.  There is a great deal of work to be done between now and then but a lot of hours are going into the finale stages.  Several volunteers have traveled hundreds of miles to stay and help out.  Money is coming in which is really helping.  Sails have been ordered,  port holes and other deck hardware are being located.  Don Mathes traveled down from Oregon and overhauled the anchor wind less and then went to work painting.  Helen Jaccard drove in, set up camp and left a week later with paint between her fingers and in her hair.  Jason Kraft (the tree house guy)  has installed grab rails on top of and inside the main cabin.  The usual crew continues to move forward;  cabin interior has been framed and primed, Mizzen boom gallows are shaped and are being varnished along with hatch covers and the main mast is progressing.  Daisy is assembling and repairing blocks and other pieces needed for the rigging.  Needless to say a lot of us have been very busy.
         Hopefully this week we’ll get the exhaust system in along with other through hull fixtures for cooling water and waste from the galley and you know the rest.  I’ll not try to name all the folks involved today but interest in the project is increasing and more help is needed.  Articles continue to be published and this Thursday the 5th. of March The Arcata Theater Lounge is showing Nuclear Savage  (a documentary about radiation poisoning in the Marshall Islands) highlighting Veterans For Peace and The Golden Rule Project.  No photos this month, too busy but Steve Ninehaus has been putting progress pics and short videos on the face book page, at least that’s what I’ve been told.  They can be accessed through our web site,  VFP Golden Rule Project.
       Sincerely submitted by Chuck DeWitt,  Restoration Coordinator

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Main mast takes form.

2013-01-01 00.00.00-339

Main mast takes form

Main mast takes form


Shaping to fit

Shaping to fit

Main Mast taking form. Everything is a very close fit. Lot of labor and dust.
Next will be more sanding to round the mast up. More fittings and connecters for standing and running rigging. Wind vane on top. Then paint. Then on it goes. 
Thank you Wooden Boat for reposting!
Please repost people!
Please help support our efforts by making a donation today! Use the pay pal button on this page. Peace.Main mast takes shape

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Golden Rule Progress Report

As I reported last month, we’ve received donations for the fiberglass and the Epoxy needed to apply it to the decks. The glass has been purchased as well as the tools needed to put it down. The Epoxy and thinner was donated by Greg Dale of Coast Sea foods formally Coast Oyster Co.. Mr. Dale has been very generous to the project helping not only with obtaining Oysters for our parties but lending us his large BBQ to cook them on. The plan is to get the glass on this week before the winter rains show up.
The unveiling of the transom party was held two weeks ago on a very busy weekend and even though it was short notice we had close to 100 guests with donations amounting to over $1,500.00. Mike had his Skiff on display and raffle tickets are being sold now. The second skiff is almost done and Mike has already started the third. Breckin (the Dutchman) introduced a new volunteer, an experienced deck hand from The Lady Washington, she’s Danielle (Daisy) Arquero. Daisy was at the party we threw for the Tall Ship crew last year.

Bulkheads separating the forward crew quarters from the main cabin and the bulkheads of the head are in place and being painted right now. Breckin and Daisy spent almost a week on this and the results are walls that are pretty much bullet proof.
The next phase after fiber glass will be painting the final colors on the hull and cabin, installing port holes, and of course all the cabinet work below deck. We are in need of semi skilled help to do cabinets, bunks, closets and so forth below deck and there almost always seems to be painting to do so if you have time or know some one that does, just click reply and you can reach out and touch us.

Chuck DeWitt, Restoration Coordinator

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February 2015 Update







As you can see from the accompanying photos, our progress has been excellent.
The wiring is close to being finished, and we are busy on the interior. Our spiffy new motor’s installation will be completed once we do the exhaust and water intake. Our hatches look great. The windlass is all cleaned up and serviced.

The settees have been framed. Inside handrails have been installed as well thanks to Jason. And Michael is past the 8 sided part of making the mast and is headed for making it 16 sided.


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August 2014 Update





We Started July off by melting and pouring Bronze into molds to form belaying pins.  Dennis Thompson, Mike Gonzalez, Robert Lucariello (luke) and myself successfully poured nearly 40 new pins that we hope will bring in money to finish the project.  Dan Hill showed up after reading an article in the local paper and asked if he could help with the project.  Dan has gone to work on the pins we poured, cut the slag off, ground them into shape and is about to start the final polishing.  I’ll include a photo of his work below.

         The Butter Fly hatch is in place and ready to go to sea as soon as we find the correct hardware, locking latches and slide locks to hold the glass panels open.  The storage lockers in the main cabin have new molding all around and a fresh coat of varnish.  Steve Ninehaus has not only acquired all our electronics but has been busy pulling wires through out the boat and installing lighting.  He’s put in courtesy lights in the foot well aft, dome lights in the main cabin, courtesy as well as reading lights in the forward sleeping compartment, and lighting in the head.  The navigation center or electronics cabinet is currently under construction on the starboard side next to the companion way ladder.  I’ll describe just what this cabinet contains in a future report.
        Mike is now working on the pulpit, that’s the small cat walk looking thing that juts out over the bow sprit on the forward most part of the boat.  The pulpit will consist of stainless steel chrome with Mahogany slats to walk on.  This will help us work the jib sail and adjust the main stay as well as raise and lower the anchors.  The Dutchman (Breckin) has taken a short leave of absence to deliver a sailing vessel from Honolulu to the west coast but before she left she spent time at the school of wooden boat building in Port Townsend Washington and has possibly made arrangements to have our sails made there.
        Early in July we were honored to be visited by two representatives from the San Francisco office of Green Peace,  Mary Sweeters and David Pomerantz.  Perhaps in the future we might work with them on a joint venture.  If you research Green Peace you’ll find references to The Golden Rule which was used as an inspiration back in the 1960′s.  To close this report, I hope everyone saw the article on July 20th. in the Eureka Times Standard about the Golden Rule.  Clay McGlaughlin did an exceptional peace on the project, certainly one of the best yet.  To view the piece contact Clay at or CMcGlaughlinTS on Twitter more at FACEBOOK.COM/TIMESSTANDARD.

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