The Golden Rule Shall Sail Again!

In 1958, four brave crewmen set sail in the Golden Rule in an attempt to stop atmospheric nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.  In their challenge to nuclear weapons testing, these men set a very high bar for future activists to follow.

In 2010, the battered, neglected and storm-damaged, remains of the historic Golden Rule were rediscovered.  Our project to restore the Golden Rule to her former glory is in tribute to the memory of Captain Albert S. Bigelow, Orion W. Sherwood, William R. Huntington, and George Willoughby.  The story of these men and their deeds needs to be passed on to younger generations of activists so that they can be likewise inspired.  What better way to inspire future generations to come than by restoring and voyaging this fine wooden historical vessel.

The Golden Rule will sail again, as a symbol and educational tool to help continue the mission of abolishing war as an instrument of national policy.

You can help make it happen, and follow our progress as we restore this historic ketch and continue its mission of peace.




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